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Hostel Accomodation

Residential Life

During the current session only few seats may be available in the hostel. Residential accommodation therefore is not guaranteed. The development of healthy corporate life has been one of the special features of the school since its inception. The boarders are encouraged to manage their own affairs through the Monitorial System and every effort is made to help them is shouldering responsibility and to make them accustomed to a well disciplined and regular life. No boarder therefore is allowed to leave the hostel without the permission of the warden. Students are not given permission to go home during the working days.


Dining Hall

The school provides dining hall facilities where all students are required to dine together. Special attention is paid toward cleanliness and table manners. The school provides breakfast lunch, dinner with a glass of milk and after noon breakfast as menu. Vegetarian food can be arranged at the written request of the students.

Play Ground

The school provided a small playground facility where students can play indoor games between 3:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. in the guidance of a coach. Arrangements for outdoor games and weekly coaching of cricket, football, volley ball, basket ball, badminton, and so on are available here.

Reading Room

The school provided 24 hours reading room facilities where students can study together under the supervision of the teachers with 24 hours Generator facilities. The school has fixed compulsory evening study hours for resident students.


School also provided the television facilities for the boarders for their entertainment.

Religious Instruction

The school has made arrangement for systematic study of Muslim Theology / Hindu Mythology for all the boys whose guardians wish their wards to receive such training. Arrangements for Daily Prayers and Five Times Namaz are also made.

Pocket Money

Guardians should note that no money should be sent directly to the boy. The amount of pocket money to be provided to the student shall be given at the following rates and should be sent to the wardens directly. Up to 12 Years – Rs. 100/-P.M. 12 Years and above – Rs. 150/-P.M.